Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average HMCBS collection rate?
Will HCMBS follow up on previous outstanding balances?
What actions are taken when claims do not pay?
Does our agency have to purchase new software or another EMR for you to perform our billing and revenue cycle management?
How does HCMBS monitor our Medicare claims processing?
How will you bill and manage Medicaid, commercial, and managed care claims?
What if we don’t have a clearinghouse?
Will HCMBS retrieve remits?
What other accounting functions does HCMBS offer?
What reporting does HCMBS provide that shows collections progress?
What happens if claims do not pay? Does HCMBS write off balances?
How long does it take to get started billing when we contract with HCMBS?
Where do we sign up?
HealthCare Management & Billing Services


HealthCare Management & Billing Services specializes in end-to-end billing and revenue cycle management for the home health industry. 

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